Month: March 2014

140331 #14point5 #noballs and how do you spell #burpees

I don’t weigh much right now. 170 lbs actually. I have been increasing the METCON load a bit and I can definitely feel its effects on strength and recovery. Also, I have no balls. I am lazy and not dedicated. I’ll admit I lie in bed too long and miss over half my workout because I don’t want to man up, get out of bed and go lift. It will be something I will have to work on day to day, I have to. Others are getting better every day around me and I cannot afford to let myself slide stop whining and work harder next time.

340 x 3 x 4 (w/o belt, 2 on last)
340 x 3 x 2 (w/ belt)
Want to strengthen up my back more and more. So tried a few squats today without the belt. I typically have been squatting without a belt if its less than 75%, so this was different and definitely hard. I was supposed to get 8 sets in at 347#. I was also supposed to Snatch and Clean and Jerk quite a bit and didn’t get to any of that.

Hip extensions
3×12 w/ 10# plate

Then I did 14.5…kind of

For time:
20 burpies
25 KBS
(then decided to follow the 14.5 format)
18 burpies
18 KBS
15, 15
12, 12
9, 9
6, 6
3, 3

I think I want to start spelling burpees as “burpies” because then I can think about burPIES, and I like PIES. 


Basically feel super buff right now. Had an ice cream sandwich backload last night. Rest day tomorrow.


7: bench press (narrowish mostly) 185×3
4: power snatch 135×3

E2MOM: 4 min
Power clean+ power jerk 175×3

Snatch high pulls 155x3x3

Buff stuff:
6 strict ctb pullups
12 HR push-ups


Ok I seriously need to work on snatch balances, they are a nemesis of mine it feels like and I can’t seem to feel comfortable.
Snatch balance + 2 OHS: 95, 115, 135×2, 155
Split jerk: 185x3x5
Push press: 170x5x2, 180×3, 180×4
Snatch high pull: 155x5x4

Four rounds: row 400, 25 dips 19:08


Back on the slope. Working Noon to Midnight. 

Didn’t sleep well last night and maybe got 3 hours of quality sleep (too much coffee too late in the day I think).

Got started late on the workout.

Following Catalyst Athletics 4 week Leg Strength Block 2, which is really similar to the last 4 weeks.

    • Back Squat


  • Hang Snatch at knee

95×3, 115×3, 135×3, 145x3x4

  • Snatch pull from ~2″ Riser


Missed some snatch balance + OHS but plan on hitting that tomorrow as skill/warmup



Pretty blown up the past 2 days. Hoping to recover tomorrow and hit it hard Monday.

Power snatch 132x3x3
Power clean 165×3
Power jerk
And some more sets of 3 but I can’t remember what weight.

Open wod 14.3
105 reps, took it easy (total rest/transition time of 4 minutes…yes half of the workout) I didn’t want to blow myself up but I wanted to get a small taste on what this workout looks like. Interesting one to say the least. I paced it out slow and figured I would be ending somewhere in the 275# deads, those were spicy for sure, but not titillatingly so … Basically for a guy like me, get back to the 315 bar with a minute left and just see what you can get. Hopefully you don’t paint the drywall with your lumbar shrapnel along the way.


Photo is of Eric Zoesch blastin nature with some actual film. Check his photos out at

Afternoon Stuff:
BTN JERK 200x3x3
Push Press 165×5
Jerk dip squat 225x5x3

5 min AMRAP one arm kettlebell party:
5 swings, 5 clean and jerk, 5 snatch (53# bell)
Rest 5 min
Death by parallette party:
push-up, pass though, dip, pass through ( 1 combo the first min, 2 the second min, 3 the third min, etc…)

Lots of Bandy tricep push downs…like 25×5, plus some face pulls to round off the buffness.

PM stuff:
10 min amrap
5 strict pullups
10 burpees
15 airsquats
8 rounds + 5 pulls

Some deadlifts
135×5, 225×5, 315x5x2, 225×5, 135×5

Time for bed. bye.