140307 Training update

Here is an update on how the training is going. To try and track my workouts I have been trying to post on: http://weightxreps.net/journal/Noel so feel free to check in on that to see what I have done, see my PRs, efforts, volume numbers and other nerd stuff.

The past 3+ months I followed the…12 week strength and development cycle (most of the data dumped below – cycle can be found at http://www.catalystathletics.com/workouts/cycle.php?cycleID=28) I was able to stick to it pretty true but it ended up taking ~14 weeks. I took a couple more rest days when I was working shift work to help recovery and maximize sleep. I also missed a couple front squat days due to some wrist issues.  I didnt post all the workouts on weightxreps.

All in all I am much more confident with my squat, clean and jerk, and snatch. What was heavy and inconsistent before is a little bit more routine. Still need work on the classics, however I feel I have made some movement in the right direction.

– Clean and Jerk: 111 —> 120 (9kg PR)
– Snatch: 93 —> 95 (2kg pr) [100 is so close, overhead and locked out but I keep missing it]
– Squat: 184 —> 190  (Front squat is still hovering around 157) The 184 old max was from over a year and a half ago and I hadnt squatted over 400 since then. I am pumped with 190 but want that 200

As you can see my classics are far below my squat strength, which is discouraging but I hope they can catch up a bit.


On the slope right now (for another 5 days) and finishing up the second week of a 4 week leg strength cycle from Catalyst. (view/download it on excel here: http://www.catalystathletics.com/workouts/cycle.php?cycleID=43 )



Back Squat                               280       10r3s

Hang Snatch (Mid Thigh)            137       3r5s

Halting Snatch Deadlift (hip)        168       3r3s

Overhead Squat                         135       3r5s


Jerk BTN           186       3r5s

Push Press        165       5r4s

Jerk Dip Squat   212       5r3s


Back Squat                   323       5r5s

Hang Clean (Mid Thigh)  179       3r5s

Halting Clean Deadlift     220       3r3s

SLDL                            258       5r3s


Power Snatch                124       3r4s

Power Clean                  166       3r4s

Power Jerk                    153       3r4s

Snatch High-Pull            147       5r3s




Back Squat                   344       3r8s

Snatch                          147       3r2s

158       2r3s

Clean and Jerk              186       3r2s

199       2r3s

Snatch High-Pull            147       3r3s


Back Squat                               301       10r3s

Hang Snatch (Mid Thigh)            137       3r2s

147       3r3s

Halting Snatch Deadlift (hip)        168       3r

179       3r2s

Overhead Squat                         146       3r2s

158       3r3s


Jerk BTN           199       3r5s

Push Press        165       5r2s

176       5r2s

Jerk Dip Squat   225       5r3s


Back Squat                                           344       5r5s

Hang Clean (Mid Thigh)                          179       3r2s

193       3r3s

Halting Clean Deadlift (upper thigh)          220       3

234       3r2s

SLDL                                                    280       5r3s


Power Snatch    124       3r2s

133       3r2s

Power Clean      166       3r2s

179       3r2s

Power Jerk        153       3r2s

165       3r2s

Snatch High-Pull            147       3r2s

158       3r





And this is what I will be doing tomorrow:

Back Squat 366 3r8s
Snatch 158 3r2s
168 2r2s
Clean and Jerk 199 3r2s
212 2r2s
Snatch High-Pull 147 3r
158 3r2s

Let’s hope I don’t get crushed.

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