140308 Squats and 14.1

Only made it to squats today. I was moving on to do 14.2 (CrossFit Games Open workout)  then the lights shut off…literally.

Back squat 365×3 x 8 sets


This took me about 4-5 minutes per squat, I would like to get this down to 3-4 and see how it feels

Though I am not competing here is my relaxed run at 14.1:

5 rounds +  DUs and 13 snatches.

Some notes on the workout: I wanted to pace this one at about 6 rounds. Coming into it I basically haven’t done any MetCon stuff since October. It was never too taxing, but gave me a good indicator on where I stand. If my lungs were in condition for CrossFit, I think 8 rounds +/- 10 reps is very plausible.

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