Photo is of Eric Zoesch blastin nature with some actual film. Check his photos out at http://instagram.com/ezoesch

Afternoon Stuff:
BTN JERK 200x3x3
Push Press 165×5
Jerk dip squat 225x5x3

5 min AMRAP one arm kettlebell party:
5 swings, 5 clean and jerk, 5 snatch (53# bell)
Rest 5 min
Death by parallette party:
push-up, pass though, dip, pass through ( 1 combo the first min, 2 the second min, 3 the third min, etc…)

Lots of Bandy tricep push downs…like 25×5, plus some face pulls to round off the buffness.

PM stuff:
10 min amrap
5 strict pullups
10 burpees
15 airsquats
8 rounds + 5 pulls

Some deadlifts
135×5, 225×5, 315x5x2, 225×5, 135×5

Time for bed. bye.

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