Day: 20140316


Pretty blown up the past 2 days. Hoping to recover tomorrow and hit it hard Monday.

Power snatch 132x3x3
Power clean 165×3
Power jerk
And some more sets of 3 but I can’t remember what weight.

Open wod 14.3
105 reps, took it easy (total rest/transition time of 4 minutes…yes half of the workout) I didn’t want to blow myself up but I wanted to get a small taste on what this workout looks like. Interesting one to say the least. I paced it out slow and figured I would be ending somewhere in the 275# deads, those were spicy for sure, but not titillatingly so … Basically for a guy like me, get back to the 315 bar with a minute left and just see what you can get. Hopefully you don’t paint the drywall with your lumbar shrapnel along the way.