140501 Training Update

I have been getting some questions about what my training will look like for the next 3 months or so. Most of you know that I have been concentrating on trying to increase my weightlifting total and overall strength. Since mid-November I have been concentrating on weightlifting primarily and performing little-to-no cardio (CrossFit) work. The main reason for not getting much conditioning in is time restraints with my job. Also, I want to maximize my weightlifting skill and strength numbers without classic CrossFit stuff interfering (i.e. perform 75 snatches for time – which is tough to do without breaking down in form).

This is the basic overview of my training plan. I will re-assess it at about 6 weeks and make small tweaks to volume and intensity depending on how I am feeling daily/weekly. I work 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off and time is limited during my weeks at work. This would be the plan if I had 2-3 hours to train each day or two 1.5 hour training sessions. I will have to modify the volume of accessory/core/conditioning work that I do simply because of time restraints.


1) Cowboy (big texas method):




2) Squats – per Glenn Pendlay


training plan – per GP http://glennpendlay.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/how-we-train/

3) Mobility/Connectivity




Basic Plan:


3 days per week:

  • Monday: Volume day
  • Wednesday: “Light” Day – Front Squats
  • Saturday: Intensity day

The basic tenet of this squat cycle comes originally from the Texas method. Glenn Pendlay uses this for his athletes to maximize the squat but not interfere with the Oly lifts too much. 70sBig (Justin L) has some good information on how to implement the Texas Method. Read “Texas Method: Part 1” and “Texas Method: Advanced.” I decided to go with the Cowboy Method from Chad W Smith from Juggernaut Training Systems for a number of reasons but mainly because I felt that the stress on Mondays was less, and that front squats would help a ton with carryover for OLY work. Plus I will be cleaning on Wednesdays so some of the FS volume can come from that. Chad has some recommendations for how to merge the cowboy method with CrossFit so I combined that with the Pendlay style of programming and catalyst program to get my schedule

Volume and Light day numbers are based off of my training max which I arbitrarily assigned to 90% of my true max for both front squat and back squat. Intensity day has me going for 10RM, 8RM, 5RM, and 3RM squat attempts. The first week I will go for a 10RM that reflects my 434# (all-time max). The next week I will go for an 8RM that represents an increase in my all-time max by 5lbs or so ~440. I will continue to do this and judge my progress by how this is working out. I will use the equation:


[Weight * Reps * 0.033] + Weight =Projected Max


Solve for weight…


Projected Max / (Reps *0.033 +1) = Weight to attempt


Week 1 10RM = 326 (434 projected)

Week 2 8RM   = 348 (440 projected)

Week 3 5RM  = 382 (445 Projected)

One of the things that I will be looking at is how the volume day is affecting my max attempts and how the days feel. If they are too hard, too light, too easy…etc. Justin at 70’s big has a neat little chart on how to assess how the days feel on the Texas Method, so I will roughly follow that. If I need to decrease volume I will, but I will take small PRs happily. One of the things I don’t want to do is increase the K-value of the program too much as this will affect my speed and slow down progress on my OLY lifts.

Olympic Work

The basic template will come from Greg Everett’s Basic Rep Cycle (here) which is basically classic lifts for doubles and triples and basic linear progression week to week. I will take out all squatting for his cycle, switch up his snatch/CJ work from Saturday and move it to Friday, taking a rest day Thursday, and moving the Thursday work to after Saturday’s squat session. This 8 week general cycle could work too. But I will run this 6 week cycle for now, then depending on my needs for OLY work, change it up to more complexes or 3-position work. I would like to do more block work but given my schedule I don’t have blocks half the time…so maybe that means adding in stuff from the hang.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Snatch Pull


-power snatch or cleans
-Clean Pulls


Rest -Heavy Snatch
-Heavy Clean&Jerk


-Power work




Depending how things are going, and per how other people run the Texas method I may move clean pulls from Wednesday to Monday (swap them with snatch pulls), but this could be too much overall volume on Monday. In that case I could potentially move it to Saturday after intensity squats to add a little bit of volume on that day but most likely just keep cleans and clean pulls on Wednesday. 

—- I will blend Wednesday Front squat volume with the clean volume so I get close to effectively the same volume for front squats for that day—-


Core work

I hate to say it, but I basically have a terrible low back. So I need to make it strong. My goal will be to pick one core exercise per day and hit it for hypertrophy. Depending on how I feel and the time I have I will try and implement this plan. It would be ideal to basically alternate static back/ ab flexion with back extension*/ static abs. And don’t do heavy back stuff on light or non-squat days. All kinds of ways to train the back here: Read this


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Back extensions – RDL, Good Mornings, Hip extensions, etc.
Static weighted planks, L-sits, Pendlay Rows
Reverse plank (weighted),sit ups, ghds, russian leg lifts, flags, etc.. See Monday Rest See Tuesday. I won’t go crazy so I can squat heavy tomorrow Heavy back work, but keep an eye out for volume. Rest


Accessory work

Dude, I want to be FB (Froning buff)… But I won’t do it at the cost of recovery.

Seriously though: outlaw connectivity WOD or similar everyday if I have time, I also need to work on little things like lock out, shoulder strength, low back, internal shoulder rotation, etc… This won’t be something that I fry myself on. I would like to implement it into conditioning with skill work as much as possible.

Skill work

Handstand work, backflips, Invictus stuff, gymnastics, whatever I can think of or have time for.


Daily mobility WOD + Outlaw Connectivity


I will not be doing a whole lot. If I do it will be 1 short intense per week, or it will be in the form of accessory “map” work where i am in the Z1 range and just slightly elevated heart rate. This will be how I combine the accessory and skill work into something that gets my heart rate up for longer than 5 seconds. I will also be hiking mountains, playing outside, sled drags. All that is fair game but I will watch closely how it affects volume and recovery…and use it for recovery if I can


This will depend on how I feel after the first 3 weeks. If I am feeling good then I won’t deload till week 6 or 7, here I will assess if I should re-run the OLY cycle pick another one. To allow for super compensation I will plan on not retesting squat for 12 weeks.

So I just finished the first week:


Snatch x3x5


Snatch Pull x5x4


Back Squat x5x10 EMOM


Back extensions 8×3 Handstand


BTN Jerk 1×4


Power Snatch x3x5


Push press x5x3


Dips: 15, 20, 30 3x Leg lift x10, 1 min reverse plank w/ 45#


Clean x3x5


Clean pull x 4×5


Front squat x5x3 205; 215; 235 Back extensions x8x3 fast’n’light, hollow rolls +v-up x2 (there back on 2 mats) Arch to hollow pull-up kip x5x3


Snatchx3,x2,x2,1,1×4 135,155,165, 175, 185 Clean and jerk build to HS


Pullups 5×4, 1×10 25, 45, 60×2, 25


Backsquat 10rm


Power clean 3×5


Hang snatch (below knee) 2×5


Snatch grip push press 3×3


Overhead squat 2×3


*Combine Snatch PP + OHS

And today:


Snatch x3x2, x2x3 170, 170 Snatch pull x3x4


Back squat x4x10 EMOM


DB rows x10x3 70# Reverse plank 2x1min w/ 45#

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