Daily Training

140501 Training Update

I have been getting some questions about what my training will look like for the next 3 months or so. Most of you know that I have been concentrating on trying to increase my weightlifting total and overall strength. Since mid-November I have been concentrating on weightlifting primarily and performing little-to-no cardio (CrossFit) work. Read on for more

140331 #14point5 #noballs and how do you spell #burpees

I don’t weigh much right now. 170 lbs actually. I have been increasing the METCON load a bit and I can definitely feel its effects on strength and recovery. Also, I have no balls. I am lazy and not dedicated. I’ll admit I lie in bed too long and miss over half my workout because I don’t want to man up, get out of bed and go lift. It will be something I will have to work on day to day, I have to. Others are getting better every day around me and I cannot afford to let myself slide stop whining and work harder next time.

340 x 3 x 4 (w/o belt, 2 on last)
340 x 3 x 2 (w/ belt)
Want to strengthen up my back more and more. So tried a few squats today without the belt. I typically have been squatting without a belt if its less than 75%, so this was different and definitely hard. I was supposed to get 8 sets in at 347#. I was also supposed to Snatch and Clean and Jerk quite a bit and didn’t get to any of that.

Hip extensions
3×12 w/ 10# plate

Then I did 14.5…kind of

For time:
20 burpies
25 KBS
(then decided to follow the 14.5 format)
18 burpies
18 KBS
15, 15
12, 12
9, 9
6, 6
3, 3

I think I want to start spelling burpees as “burpies” because then I can think about burPIES, and I like PIES. 


Ok I seriously need to work on snatch balances, they are a nemesis of mine it feels like and I can’t seem to feel comfortable.
Snatch balance + 2 OHS: 95, 115, 135×2, 155
Split jerk: 185x3x5
Push press: 170x5x2, 180×3, 180×4
Snatch high pull: 155x5x4

Four rounds: row 400, 25 dips 19:08


Back on the slope. Working Noon to Midnight. 

Didn’t sleep well last night and maybe got 3 hours of quality sleep (too much coffee too late in the day I think).

Got started late on the workout.

Following Catalyst Athletics 4 week Leg Strength Block 2, which is really similar to the last 4 weeks.

    • Back Squat


  • Hang Snatch at knee

95×3, 115×3, 135×3, 145x3x4

  • Snatch pull from ~2″ Riser


Missed some snatch balance + OHS but plan on hitting that tomorrow as skill/warmup



Pretty blown up the past 2 days. Hoping to recover tomorrow and hit it hard Monday.

Power snatch 132x3x3
Power clean 165×3
Power jerk
And some more sets of 3 but I can’t remember what weight.

Open wod 14.3
105 reps, took it easy (total rest/transition time of 4 minutes…yes half of the workout) I didn’t want to blow myself up but I wanted to get a small taste on what this workout looks like. Interesting one to say the least. I paced it out slow and figured I would be ending somewhere in the 275# deads, those were spicy for sure, but not titillatingly so … Basically for a guy like me, get back to the 315 bar with a minute left and just see what you can get. Hopefully you don’t paint the drywall with your lumbar shrapnel along the way.