Short and sweet.

With the boom of CrossFit and HQ pumping out certified “coaches” where does one go for programming? [Disclosure: I am Level 1 CrossFit certified. No intent on bashing here] It is important to evaluate your current skill and fitness level before deciding what to do or who to follow.  If you would like to ask me for clarification, or more about where you lie on the scale, contact me here:

Who is an authority these days? Who will program daily workouts which will help you meet your goals, keep you safe, and help you reach your full potential? There are a lot of great coaches and programs out there don’t get me wrong, but the average CrossFit gym most likely isn’t the place to look. Being best prepared for any random task is not best achieved by randomly preparing for any task. 

Below are just a few places to START. If you have more ideas, or programming you think I should include, let me know!





Catalyst Athletics:


Picking quality programming is important, but sticking to it is just as important. To reap the benefits of a good program stick with it for at least 6 months, but 9-12 would be even better! 


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