1 Rep Max, Rep Max, and Max Reps Calculator – 7 Equations

HERE is a little calculator I whipped up.

This calculator uses 7 different equations that are in use today to calculate a 1RM.

  1. Calculate your estimated One Rep Max based on how many repetitions you performed at a given weight.
  2. Calculate the weight to use on a Rep Max attempt.

    I.e. You are progressively working up to a new 5 RM every week, this week you predict you can hit a 5RM that         represents a 1RM of 440. Put in 5 reps and 440lbs, and smash ~380lbs for 5

  3. Calculate the number of reps you should be able to get at any given weight, knowing your 1RM. Note: Lombardi and O’Conner et al. are very high estimates for some weights given the nature of their equation. I would not consider these accurate.


Equations Used: Epley, Brzycki, Lander, Lombardi, Mayhew et al. , O’Conner et al. , and Wrathan


Floor press (wide grip), 6×3 reps
Then, as many reps as possible @ 80% of 3RM
245#, 12 reps w/ 195

Weighted strict pullups, 5×2 reps 100#
1 set max reps kipping 30

JM Press, 2×12 reps 115#

DB hang muscle clean 1/4 press, 3×12 reps 40# DBs

Back Extension, 2×18 reps


Future Bench 6×3 reps with green (rage bands… 75# at top, 115# at bottom) 

275, 295, 305, 315, 335, 345

75 kickbacks with red band (each arm.)


Short time in the gym today, i missed max reps at 80%.  tomorrow at lunch i will plan on on some repetition method work and more accessory work.