Struggled coming back today. Been sick the past couple days so felt overall fairly weak.

5 rounds @ Z1
1min air dyne
1 min forward leaning rest on rings
1 min row (emphasis on strait lumbar)
1 min handstand practice
1 min jump rope (double, singles, skips)
1 min burpee ctb pull-up

Back Squat 315x10x3
Hang snatch 152x3x5
Halting snatch deadlift 180x3x3
Overhead squat 165x3x5

Video of squats and snatches )


140308 Squats and 14.1

Only made it to squats today. I was moving on to do 14.2 (CrossFit Games Open workout) ┬áthen the lights shut off…literally.

Back squat 365×3 x 8 sets Want to see some video?